Cowtown Corruption: Top Reasons to Suspect North Side HS “Insufficient Money”, Threats, and Lack of Transparency

Please click and read the following, which documents why we should suspect “insufficient money” despite $11 million bond at North Side High School; why we should suspect foul play, lack of transparency, and dangers to our community’s progress; and how I have been personally threatened, and why I believe I needed to release this to protect my family:

Documents.Pt1and2 (PDF), Documents.Pt1and2 (MS Word)

Part 1: Issues in Transparency with Money, Public Image
Part 2: Threats

I want to first establish that at least 2 other Latino leaders have established that there is an “inherited mess”, which I initially questioned in my blog post.



I also want to establish that since December 18th, I have tried to communicate with the Board Member. Thing is, my original comment on the high school page was deleted – although the Board Member also says he “just read it” around December 18th.


(scrolling down)


Our rapport was – seemingly, at least – more friendly at this point, but soon turns sour after shifting from a private facebook message to a public facebook comment (as you will see in the later slides).


Though when we look back at the post – where I voiced my concerns December 16th, the comment is now no where to be found:

(scrolling down)


(scrolling down… you can see other community members are also concerned that “They want to teach Mexicans to go straight to the kitchen.”)


(scrolling down… Someone posts “NO MORE TACO STANDS”)


After the blog became more public, and a teacher from inside the school report that there was “insufficient money” despite the $11 million, so I tagged City Councilmember Sal Espino and FWISD Board Member Jacinto Ramos – not accusing them of anything negative, but was rather informing the public that they are in the positions of power over the North Side, and would have more answers about the “insufficient money”.

I clarify that I did not accuse either of the two parties of anything, but rather directed the public to them because of their positions and authorities.


Understandably, at least one person was “caught off guard” – I was wanting to know answers about missing, public, millions of dollars. In either case, they did not address the question of money…



After which point, I met with the Board member in person, was threatened, and made compromises to restore any equilibrium and their public image.

But, I know that there are people who still see what is going on.



Part 2: Threats
While I was meeting with the Board Member Jacinto Ramos, Jr., he said “I know you’re trying to get blog ‘hits’, but if you keep it up, you’ll be getting hits”, while fisting one of his hands, and punching it into the other.

Cinto has also informed me in earlier meetings that there is a “Mexican Mafia”, what others have identified as “the Old Guard”, and who also comprise a secret committee who actually decide who will be the next Latino leaders.
“Why do you think the ‘old guard’ is gone?’


“Why do you think the old guard is gone?”

I had also received a phone call from another community organizer at the Cesar Chavez Committee of Fort Worth (– which I just began organizing with, and was told I would speak for the upcoming rally and march –), who informed me that Jacinto Ramos, Jr. and yet another community organizer called him, asking him what I had said about the Ramos, the bonds, and educational programming at North Side.
It was at this point that I understood the (not-so) nuance of his threat and became concerned for not only myself, but for my family. My blog article had also been read by members of the City and School Board of Fort Worth, and so it has made significant impact – especially since I am/was questioning “insufficient money” despite the $11 -13 million budget (neither Superintendent Walter Dansby or Deputy Superintendent of Finance Hank Johnson couldn’t confirm the exact bond amount, when I spoke to them at the FWISD Board Meeting).

Ramos, Jr. also officially works as a Juvenile Probation Officer.

I am on probation for a misdemeanor for a DWI. I had made several calls to my probation officer with some questions about my probation status – because I have reached the “half way” mark, so that I now qualify for an easier probation status. He never answered my direct calls (we only spoke after I had a third-party person call for me – I was concerned they might have been screening my number)

John Potts call



The probation officer did not answer my calls, voicemails, or message I left with his secretary Dinah Anderson – Clerk, III Supervision (when I asked her name, she only gave me her last name “Anderson”, and I had to search public online records, cross-list her name and phone number, which matched exactly.

Dina Anderson

Dina Anderson 1

It was only until I had a third-party contact the office that they were immediately transferred, and at which point the probation officer (John Potts) took the call, again immediately. The interface is different, as they are different i-Phone models (the third-party person has an upgraded phone than mine).

third-party call.cropped

It was at this point that I contacted my old lawyers – list as “Canas”, for Canas y Flores in Fort Worth. They informed me that if I have any problems communicating with my probation officer again, to let them know. I am reaching out to y’all for “scaffolds” of protection.

Please note that my call (below) to John Potts, Probation Officer was at 1:40PM, and the third-party call (above) to John Potts, Probation Officer at 1:51PM. Though I had called and left multiple messages with the same number repeatedly, it was only until the 3rd Party Person called that the call was picked up.

John Potts call


It was only until March — 3 months after the mid-way point — that I was finally put off of probation; the excuse being that I had not finished paying my court fees, which is reasonable although it doesn’t excuse the lack of communication.

It is also important to note the general corruption that is occurring in Cowtown:

Currently Fort Worth native and community leader, Reverend Kyev Tatum has been under attack by the same legal system. Tatum has been instrumental in addressing racism within the Fort Worth Police Department; in the particular case where a noose was left on a Black police officers desk after recent racial tensions.



Reverend Tatum is also instrumental retrieving justice from the fracking companies that are destroying our city’s landscapes. They came for him while he was volunteering at Trimble Tech High School, and he reports that they were going to come for him on a Sunday sermon if they had to.



He also reports that he was injected with “poison” while incarcerated.

All this points to a corrupt legal system — juvenile detention, adult probation officers, the policing and legal system itself; in which those who question the corruption are punished somehow. This is very dangerous considering that other citizens have voiced, asking why North Side would was $13 million on a kitchen — and further, why there are reports of “insufficient money”; or why there are blatant acts of racism within the Fort Worth Police Department, which is supposed to protect all people despite skin color.

It has come the time to question these systems which “guard” us, and really ask whether or not our progress, voices, communities are important.


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