Gentrification, Gestapo, and B-Boys (Latino Rebels, 2014)

In absolute terms, as the B-Boys are “citizens” (this terminology is problematic yet inevitable in discoursing the full extent of “civilian” violations), Plainclothes Gestapo have already been applied to “citizens,” that is, just dancing, artistic citizens.

Every act of police-based crime simultaneously obfuscates and justifies its own criminality. Because the cops stand for “the law,” a universal and nearly unsaid acceptance of their acting authority exists.

We therefore understand the grave disempowerment in “I can’t breathe.” A police’s acting authority presumes the police’s consciousness is aligned with truth or reality. The dissonance arises not only because of persistent racism, but also because the police officer is (really is, though not to excuse any behavior) “just following orders.” It is both the police officer and the orders who are at fault, yet it’s unclear the extent to which either the officers or the orders listen to the people.


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